How To: Turn Lighters Into A 'Lil Motorcycle

January 12, 2011


Ever wanted to turn a couple cheap box (aka "crack") lighters into a little motorcycle? Me neither. But I have wanted to light the weeds with them before -- and been successful! But if you are one of those DIY'ers with way too much time (and not penises) on your hands, there are a couple tutorials after the jump of how to put one together. Alternatively, just smash them on the ground and listen to them pop! Or -- OR -- I dunno, meth or something. Shit, get creative!

Hit the jump for picture AND video tutorials if you want to pretend like you're actually gonna make your own before realizing it's far too complicated and going back to World of Warcraft.


DIY of the Day []
How To Turn a Lighter Into a Lightercycle [gizmodo]

Thanks to bethany and Gargamel, who were both making money turning hair dryers into little cars before getting a cease and desist from Hasbro for infringing on their Transformer copyrights.

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