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January 10, 2011


Intrepid Geekologie Reader Henward has been diligently trying for years to get a personal project posted on Geekologie. At first I ignored his emails because everything he came up with sucked, but then I started ignoring them just to spite him. Finally, he came up with Congratulations, Henward, you win. Basically the site mashes together some of my favorite subjects, and presents an internet fame-whore with a realistic idea of something I'd post. The suggestion in the picture is by far the best one, and I encourage you all to take part. Here, I'll get you started:

♫ *ting-ting ta ting-ting-ting*
G-dub's wiener -- rockin' everywhere!
*ting-ting ta ting-ting-ting*
But still barely clearing his own pubic hair♫

*Hulk-smashing wine glasses all over the place*
Because it sounds triple-platinum.

Official Site

Thanks Henward, maybe I'll finally be able to get my own project up on Geekologie!

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