There's Romantic, And Then There's This: China Now Offering Avatar Themed Weddings

January 4, 2011


Because Avatar tattoo guy needs a place to renew his vows to his wife (who you better believe he'll make dress like Neytiri), the Hunan Provence (not to be confused with the Hunan Palace, which is right down the street and has an $11.95 all-you-can-eat buffet that can make a grown man shit for days) in China is now offering Avatar-themed weddings in the actual mountains that inspired the floating ones in the movie. Except apparently they spared every expense possible.

Enter Xiao Tsao, a blushing bride-to-be who, as part of a multi-party wedding amongst the sandstone pillars, felt compelled to utilize the services of these exploitation kings. Sadly, the Avatar-themed wedding did not deliver, as they were unable to emulate the Na'vi created by Cameron. According to Tsao, the "Na'vi" were nothing more than forestry workers wearing long underwear dyed blue and masks: as a whole, very disappointing.

Disappointing, huh? *calling Expedia to cancel flight to China* Call your ecstasy dealer and break out the glow-necklaces, honey -- looks like it's a TRON-themed wedding after all!

Avatar-Themed Weddings Hit China [weirdasiannews]

Thanks to Melissa, who agrees the only appropriate theme for a wedding is love. Or Transformers.

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