Hot Wheels, Now With POV Video Cameras

January 18, 2011


Ever wondered what the little make-believe drivers in your Hot Wheels cars see when you race them through a loopty-loop or jump a trashcan filled with burning printer paper? Well now you can thanks to Mattel's Hot Wheels Video Racers, a series of Hot Wheels cars (not Barbies) with integrated point-of-view cameras. Hot damn? No -- hot wheels. *beating myself in the groin with a tire-iron*

Mattel's Video Racer is the much-needed upgrade that Hot Wheels cars have been dying for. Equipped with a small video camera that can record at 30 to 60 frames per second, the Video Racer will be able to shoot footage of itself roaring down the stunt track. Video can be played back on the small LCD located on the belly of the car or downloaded to a computer via USB. A special Hot Wheels video editor will even let you cut all of the zany clips together.

Pretty cool, right? The cars drop this fall and are expected to go for around $60, which is great news considering my health insurance is about to expire and I'm due for another colonoscopy. *stuffing end of track into butthole*

Hit the jump for a worthwhile demo of a car at CES 2011.

Hot Wheels cars get an upgrade with stunt track camera [dvice]
Hot Wheels Video Racer lets you make driver seat action videos [pocketlint]

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