Heinz Automato: Automatic Ketchup Dispenser

January 10, 2011


These videos of the Heinz Automato are from 2007 (OLD!!!!!). I saw them a few years back, but apparently they're making their way around the internets again, so here they are in case you missed them. And, since we're at it -- *cue re-edited GI Joe PSA's*. I posted several different versions after the jump, but the first is by far the best in my opinion. Not that my opinion matters. But what does matter is size -- just ask any of my former dino-lovers. "He was way too big." BOOMSHACKALACKA!

Hit the jump and get your chuckle on.


Thanks to nolan, Marcus and stephen, who don't even like ketchup because they're -- wait -- you don't like ketchup?! Terrorists -- TERRORISTS!

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