God Bless America: The United States Of Beer

January 28, 2011


Note: HARdto read/ specialy aif youave been drinlinking, clkick EHRE fora brigger verison.

This is a map depicting the United States of Beer. I'm not sure what it's supposed to teach us, but I am listening intently with the hope of some free samples after class. Which, 100% true story: one time I had to give a peer-reviewed presentation about the wine industry for a marketing class in college and had the other students follow me out to my car afterward and handed out free bottles of Boones Farm. Solid C, baby! Theeeeeeeen I drank the 12 left over and ran through a plate-glass window.

Oh sugar-snaps -- a bonus 'United States of Soft Drinks' HERE for you underage kiddies!

The United States of Beer [houstonpress]

Thanks to Shenanigans and Amanda, who both agree the best beer in the U.S. is whichever one's in your tummy gettin' ya krunk!

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