Girl, Them Lips Electric!: Pikachu Lipsticks

January 13, 2011


First panda lips, now Pikachu. What's next? SPOILER: GW working overtime to blast off this planet.

Now I know what you're thinking, but no, she won't shock your balls off. And not just because no girl in her right mind (which none are, amirite?!!!!!!11) would ever even CONSIDER getting intimate with you, but that's exactly why and you and I both know it. Besides, it looks like Pikachu just hocked up a furball anyways. Still, buck up champ -- there's bound to be some pay-for-pr0n site out there that suits your fancy. And speaking of fancy suits: my birthday one. Beard bow-tie, just sayin'!

Pucker Up, Pikachu [kotaku]

Thanks to Amanda, who was *this close* to sticking her lips to look like Charizard but was afraid of setting her boyfriend's penis on fire. I'm sure he's thankful.

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