Geekologie: Now With More Drunken Tweets

January 21, 2011


It took awhile (is Twitter dead already? I have no idea), but we were finally able to score the Geekologie Twitter page from whoever started it. It wasn't easy, and many Bothans died in the process, but hopefully it'll be worth it. Especially now since I'll be able to tweet shots of all the drinks I'll be downing tonight and you can pretend you're my liver. "Whee, you're hurting me!" HAHA, what part of "SHUT UP AND MAKE ROOM FOR A SHOT" did you not understand?! Anyway, I've been auto-populating the page with Geekologie posts for a couple weeks now, but I'm gonna hit the ground running stumbling and keep you abreast (or two) of WTF else is going on in the land of Geekologie. Don't expect it all to make sense, but you can expect it all to be hastily written from my phone while waiting in line for a bathroom at the bar. F*** it, I'm peeing on a wall. The party starts....NOW.

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