For Shame, Lady, For Shame: 49-Year Old Twihard Gets Entire Back Tattoo Of Cast

January 6, 2011


Your crack's peepin'!

This is Cathy Ward. Cathy is a crazed Twilight fan (like most of them). She waited till she was 49 to get her first tattoo, which just so happens to be this monstrosity. Personally, I would've slept on the decision for another 200 years. Get it? Like a vampire -- those sparkly f***ers live forever!

The supermarket worker, from Reading, braved 22 hours in the tattoo artist's chair after months saving £2,000 [~$3,100] to put permanent reminders of stars Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner on her skin.

She was desperate to get almost the whole cast of blood-sucking characters on her back because she claims they helped her lose five stone [70 pounds].

Despite working in the cake department, she ditched calorie-laden foods in favour of getting stuck into the popular books and movies- and dropped 14 dress sizes in just six months.

She plans to save £2,000 more to spend another 12 hours under the needle as she eclipses her whole torso with the gothic tribute.

Obesity or Twilight fandom -- that's a tough call. Like choosing the lesser of two things that people will make fun of behind your back. Personally, I'd like to think Cathy made the right decision losing the weight, but at the same time, becoming a Twihard is a pretty steep price to pay. Reminds me of the time I sold my soul to the devil to double my McNuggets when I got home and realized I hadn't ordered enough. DAMMIT LUCIFER I WAS HIGH AND YOU KNOW IT!

Hit the jump for two more shots -- the broody movie poster that inspired Cathy's tat, as well as a full-face shot so you can REALLY appreciate just how dead-sexy most Twihards are.



Never tattoo old: Twilight fan gets her first skin art done at age 49... with movie stars inked over her WHOLE back [dailymail]

Thanks to Spikey DaPikey, who considered getting the entire Harry Potter cast on his back before successfully reversing the "life of regret" spell J.K. Rowling had cast upon him. The lady's a witch, man -- how else would she know so much about magic?!

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