Faceybooks: The Informational Graphic

January 19, 2011


Note: That's nowhere near the whole thing, Click HERE to see it all.

This is an informational graphic all about the Faceybooks, which I basically only use anymore to update the Geekologie Fan Page and bitch & whine via status-update (UGH -- I CAN'T STAND PEOPLE WHO _______, GOD!). Needless to say, this thing has gotten a whole lot bigger than any of us expected and must be stopped -- at any cost. Unless that cost is actually anything out-of-pocket, in which case forget it. SKYNET will do the all heavy lifting in not too long anyways. And by then, my friends, I already plan on being halfway to Alpha Centauri too drunk to care. I SAID FIGHT YOUR OWN DAMN WAR -- DO I LOOK LIKE JOHN MARSTON TO YOU?! "Uh GW -- don't you mean John Connor?" *pretending to swing lasso*

Image of the Day: is Facebook taking over our lives? [dvice]

Thanks to Jason C., who's still clinging to Myspace like a sinking ship. Hell yeah -- Titanic that shit, son!

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