Employee Steals Nintendo 3DS From Factory

January 4, 2011


In a turn of events that shouldn't surprise anybody who's been willing to lose a job for a little recognition, a worker at the Chinese factory where the hairy palm and blindness-causing Nintendo 3DS (which isn't scheduled for release until March) is manufactured managed to smuggle one of the units out. Presumably in his rectum.

3DS Buzz spotted images allegedly snapped by one such factory worker showing off what appears to be a near-final 3DS from many, many angles.

Though an accompanying video shows Super Mario 64 DS being added to the cartridge slot, it seems that the unit is unable to run any retail games, only booting a black screen with the SDK version and memory information (96 steaming hot megabytes of RAM, for those wondering).

Do people get off on this sort of sneak-peakery? I remember all the Apple fanboy boners the leaked iPhone 4 fiasco caused, but you're not gonna catch me fingerbangin' myself to pictures of a gaming console that's gonna be released in two months anyway. Get it? The door's deadbolted!

Hit the jump for a couple more shots and a video.



Nintendo 3DS lifted from Chinese production line, posed for pics [joystiq]
Factory Worker Leaks Hi-Res Photos + Video of 3DS [3dsbuzz]

Thanks to wilmersama and Jesse, who once snuck a box of Doritos out of the factory before they'd been coated in flavor-dust. OMG OMG OMG -- you're not just f***ing with me, right?!

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