Eclipse/Space Station Captured In One Shot

January 4, 2011


Note: Click HERE for the full-size, wallpaper-ready picture.

Now I know what you're thinking, and no, it's not Pac-Man trying to wrap his mouth around the one of the dark side of the moon's tits. I thought that at first though too so don't feel bad. Feel on my booty. Kidding, I can and will swing my man-purse if you try. This is a picture of a partial solar eclipse with the International Space Station making a surprise cameo taken earlier today. That's the ISS in the upper-middle section. The other blemishes are pimples but the sun will try to tell you they're "sun spots". NOBODY'S FALLING FOR IT, BUDDY! Also, if you could like, not come out tomorrow, that would be awesome. I've got a bet going with this little orphan, Annie. THAT BOTTOM DOLLAR'S MINE, GINGER!

INSANELY awesome solar eclipse picture [discover]

Thanks to Roger, who once viewed Uranus through a telescope but was so disappointed he sent an anonymous Home Depot gift card so you could buy curtains.

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