Don't Tell The Clowns: Robots Can Juggle

January 5, 2011


This is a disturbing video of a robot that can "juggle" two ping-pong balls using a paddle and a whole bunch of human-killing algorithms. I know the screencap looks like there might actually be four or five balls, but that's just because the little f***er is so damn fast. Accurate too. Now imagine if that were a knife instead of a ping-pong paddle -- he'd never miss your eye sockets!

Hit the jump for the robot in action. Unless you're a circus clown, in which case don't. Can't have any sad clowns killing themselves today. Also added an older video of a robot juggling a single ball, but in more of a traditional jugglin' fashion.


Thanks to asiantom, who once juggled three girlfriends before getting busted and his wiener nearly chopped off. And to Jeremy, who doesn't juggle anything but flaming swords because he's a traditionalist.

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