Don't Tell The Bums: Heated Bus Stop 'Ovens'

January 19, 2011


In an attempt to win friends and influence people sell more bacon, egg & cheese biscuits, Caribou coffee shops had these bus stop oven ads placed around Minneapolis. You see, they're heated. Aaaaaaaand probably overflowing with homeless people by now. Just a heads up, Caribou: do not, I repeat, DO NOT remove the ads before spring comes or you can expect every last one of your coffee shops to be looted and burnt to the ground. Just sayin', I've been to Minneapolis in the winter before. Tried pissing my pants a little to stay warm and froze my pecker to my boxers. True story.

Caribou Coffee Installs a Toaster Oven Bus Stop Display [foodbeast]

Thanks to bekka t, who refuses to go anywhere near an oven after seeing what one can do to a My Little Pony. And to Laura, who actually lives in Minneapolis and says she goes through six of those little hand-warming packs a day. Try eating one.

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