Daddy Needs A Six-Pack: Whisky In A Can

January 18, 2011


Whiskey: it's brown and tastes like an antique rocking chair. *getting all teary-eyed* F*** I just love it so much.

A Panama-based liquor company is producing whisky in a can. The company, Scottish Spirits, is the first to put straight whisky in a can, and it's being promoted as an option for outdoor venues, as it's light-weight and recyclable. Also because people at outdoor venues want to drink lots of whisky?

Scottish Spirits suggests splitting it between three people, because it's the size of a regular beer can. Seriously: it's twelve ounces, or eight shots worth of whisky. Which is a lot for a container that's not resealable.

No, it's not a lot for a container that's not resealable. 24-ounces, maybe. No word yet on cost or availability, but if you think I'm not gonna walk around wearing a six-pack for a belt, you've got another thing coming. Namely, a stumbling GW with his pants around his ankles asking for a chaser.

Scotch Whisky in a Can Contains Eight Shots of Liquor [eater]

Thanks to Nicole, barrett, Jess and jason, who all know what I like. BOOZE THE ANSWER IS BOOZE.

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