Daaaaaaw: Steampunk Warrior Kitty Helmet

January 27, 2011


I'm calling it a Steampunk Warrior Kitty Helmet because the thought of a Borg cat scares the shit out of me and, truthfully, I ate some spoiled sushi last night and there's no way my bowels could handle that right now. My own personal Mount Doom aside, it looks like Snowball here's having a great time, doesn't it? Just kidding, his name's Hugo, possibly due to his resemblance of the LOST character by the same name. Still, if there's one thing cats love, it's licking their @$$holes in front of company you putting shit on their heads. Trust me, I'm an animal lover cracker. Oh geez -- please don't bite my head off!

Hit the jump for a side-shot, then start crafting your own. Your cat'll hate you for it!


Diarment's DeviantART
Excellent Steampunk Cat Helmet is Excellent [boingboing]

Thanks to Liz, who made steampunk boots for her cat but he clawed her face and ran away before she could get them on. Shocking.

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