Consequences Will Never Be The Same: Simpsons Pr0n Parody Hits The Interwebs

January 12, 2011


When I think sexy I think one of two things -- 1. dinosaurs or 2. spray cheese. If I'm feeling really krinky I'll try thinking both at the same time but more often than not it leads to A) hyperventilating B) passing out and C) wet dreams. This is a Simpsons pr0n parody that at least had the decency (HA! -- decency! IT'S A SIMPSONS PRON!!!!!11) to only include adult characters. It's supposed to be a Homer and Marge sex tape, but also features Ned, Moe, Cookie Kwan, Senator Mendoza and McBain (NO APU?!), which the thought of alone is enough to make my penis cry meteor-sized kidney stones for the rest of its life (he's sensitive). But who knows, maybe you're into this sort of thing. I wouldn't admit it to anyone if you are, but maybe you are. And that, my (ex)friend, makes you a freak. And not the perpetually downtrodden and angsty kind that work carnival side-shows, but -- yes, actually that kind exactly. NOW GET BACK IN THAT TENT AND SHOW EVERYBODY THE NIPPLES ON YOUR BACK!

Hit the jump for a probably not that suitable for work video (moaning, PREVIEW OF A SIMPSONS PR0N PARODY) and a link to Fleshbot that has a bunch of SUPER NNNNNNNNNSFW pictures (only click if you want to be remembered as the guy who got fired for looking at hardcore Simpsons pr0n at work). You've been warned, now click away.

NSFW NSFW NSFW NSFW NSFW A Sneak Peek At "Simpsons XXX: Homer And Marge's Sex Tape" [fleshbot] NSFW NSFW NSFW NSFW NSFW
Simpsons Porn Parody [fleshbot]

Thanks to Dr. Nice, but not really because I could have gone two lifetimes without ever being exposed to this (third lifetime I might cut loose).

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