Body Wash Is For Ladies: Bar-Soap Grinders

January 11, 2011


If it makes you guys feel any better, I actually use body wash. As a matter of fact, I just reupped at Target last night. I'd tell you what brand I got but I was drunk and it looks like I accidentally picked up a double-pack of Summer's Eve instead. Just kidding, that's what I use. FEMININE FRESHNESS ALL DAY LONG, BABY! These are soap-bar grinders designed by Nathalie Staempfli to help cut back on packaging waste.

Swiss Nathalie Staempfli designed two ingenious soap dispensers that turn a soap bar into beautiful little soap flakes. One version attaches to the wall and allows you to use it with one hand. The other version is a grater that can stand by itself. It can be placed in the same way as a shower gel or shampoo.

Soap bars are more concentrated than liquid soap which has an ecological benefit: You don't transport water around the globe and they only use paper for packaging. The solid blocks can easily be piled and allow a greater space efficiency during transportation.

Pretty cool, right? I thought so. So cool, in fact, I replaced an organ-grinder monkey's organ with a soap-grinder and chained him to the back of my toilet tank. Sure he tries to pick bugs out my hair whenever I sit down to pee and smears his own shit all over the walls, but come on, I've got a soap-grinding monkey -- HOW COOL IS THAT?!

Hit the jump for a shot of the handheld model.


Nathalie's Website
Soap Flakes [swiss-miss]

Thanks to John and Matt, who don't grind soap as much as they grind rails God, please tell me you're not still into Rollerblading.

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