Ashes To Ashes, Hot Water To...Dust?

January 20, 2011


Note: Video that you may have already seen is after the jump.

Seen here looking colder than an Antarctic witch's nips, Youtube user samantha683 prepares to throw a cupful of boiling water into the -30°C (-22°F) air and show you what happens. SPOILER: she accidentally hits the cameraman and melts his face off. No, no she doesn't. The water just instantly turns to dust. Not real dust though because real dust is mostly dead skin cells and fly @$$holes -- it just looks like dust. And you know what else looks like dust? Nothing, it's pretty unique. Belly button lint isn't though, which is how I managed to pack my navel with dingleberries and convince my girlfriend to pick them out.

Hit the jump and watch the magic in action.


The Most Fun You Can Have With Boiling Water

Thanks to Sherri, who tried the same thing with a gallon of chocolate milk with far less impressive results. DAMMIT I COULD HAVE DRANK THAT!

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