All The Rage In Japan: Light-Up LED Teeth

January 21, 2011


All the rage in the GW is enough to destroy half a continent.

LED teeth attachments: they glow when you smile and can change colors. Plus they make an electric "buzz" whenever they light up. Alternatively, chew on a glowstick. Which I've actually done before when I was rolling (OFL, silly!) and ended up drinking. SPOILER: the green ones DO NOT contain superpowers.

The new fashion accessories were originally created as an experiment by two Japanese designers and are now being used in a commercial advertising a winter sale at a Japanese clothing store, Laforet Harajuku. They are quickly becoming a sought after accessory.

The LED smiles can easily be affixed to your teeth and glow different colors while you smile. The colors can be changed wirelessly through a computer interface.

Mr. Ishibashi and Daito Manabe, the other designer and technologist on the project, are offering workshops in Japan showing people how to build their own LED smiles.

So, let me get a head-count -- how many of you would wear LED teeth? Zero, really? Well congratulations on not disappointing me for once.

Hit the jump for another shot and two videos, one showing them off close-up, and another of a bunch of Japanese schoolgirls wandering around with the things.


New Japanese Fashion: LED Lights for Your Teeth [nytimes]

Thanks to The Provisioner, who either has above-amateur eyesight or runs a country store on the Oregon Trail.

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