Bring It, Trivia-Bot!: IBM's 'Watson' Supercomputer To Finally Compete On Jeopardy

December 15, 2010


Remember the story about IBM developing a supercomputer to compete on Jeopardy? Well apparently it's actually gonna happen on February 14th (worst Valentine's gift EVER), and against two of the winningest humans in the game's history, Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter. I'll take "You're going down!" for $200, Alex.

The aim is to have Watson, which was named after IBM's founder Thomas J Watson, to mimic human intelligence by deciphering and answering questions without being connected to the internet.

...the tough part for Watson is that it has to "know what it knows with utmost confidence".
two former Jeopardy winners Mr Jennings and Mr Rutter are battle hardened contestants

"Otherwise if it buzzes in and gets the answer wrong that is bad on Jeopardy because you lose money and lose the game."

I don't know about you, but I'm gonna be glued to the couch on February 14th! You know, or out to a romantic dinner with my special ladyfriend. What is, "stop lying GW, we know you don't have a ladyfriend?" Oh I'm sorry but you forgot to buzz in! "Like hell I did, I was mashing the shit out of this button!" Haha, yeah, you just blew up your house.

IBM supercomputer set for Jeopardy quiz show showdown [bbcnews]
Picture Shopped by Popular Science (and slightly edited by yours truly)

Thanks to Rev Dr Dom, Reed, J-ROD, moses, Bill, R-Man Stunning, Mih0, ayavalon, Michael, Kristina, Matty C. and nate, who would beat the hell out of Watson. Literally. I'll take, "Alex please look away while I smash this POS with a hammer" for $800, please.

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