Yes Please!: 40-Proof 'Adult Chocolate Milk'

December 3, 2010


Perfect for the 6-year old boozehound in your life. (We all know one)

Adult Bev. Co. is releasing a line of alcoholic beverages based on the shit you loved to drink as a kid. WHAT, NO TANG?! Kidding, I never drank Tang growing up, but I did try tinkle once. YES MY OWN, SICKO.

A good drink takes you back to being less stressed, right? Well, we've figured out a way to take you all the way back to a time when you had no idea what worries were. Packaged inside retro-chic bottles, our Adult Chocolate Milk, Adult Orange Cream, Adult Fruit Punch and Adult Limeade have the tastes that instantly bring you back to your innocence. But thanks to our amazing mixology know-how, there's a nice buzz hidden inside that nostalgic taste. You'll forget all about what stressed you out in the first place.

Currently only the (20% alcohol) Chocolate Milk is available, but the others are supposed to be coming soon. Which, I don't know about you, but I'm excited about. I'm gonna get so drunk if I had a wife and kids they'd wanna leave me!

Official Product Site

Thanks to Christian Tearanny AKA The June Cleaver of BDSM, who, oh God, please don't hurt me.

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