Yes, Of Course: iPad Games For Cats

December 20, 2010


Because the crazy cat-lady is a rarely tapped video game demographic, a company has developed an iPad game designed specifically for cats. You, uh, do know crazy cat-ladies still connect to the internet through AOL and have no idea what iTunes is, right? Besides, Angry Birds already exists. Get it? Because cats eat birds to make their shit smell like f***ing death!

Game For Cats has a title that's about as literal as they come. It's a game. For cats.

It's nothing fancy -- just a few variations of "something is moving quickly around the screen" -- but that's simple enough for a cat. Because remember: this game is not for humans. It's for cats.

Oh reaaaaaally? If it's just for cats then how have I been playing for the past hour? "Works for simpletons too." SHINY SHIRT BUTTONS ARE SHINY!

Hit the jump for a short video of the gadget scratching in action and a link to the FREE! download.

Official Site
This Game Is Not For Humans, It Is For Cats [kotaku]

Thanks to Ford, who designed an iPad game specifically for wolves called 'I'm Going to Throw This And Pray It Distracts You Long Enough For Me To Run Back To My Truck'. Sounds like fun!

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