Yes, Of Course: A Playboy TRON Pictorial

December 14, 2010


Note: Jump probably NSFW on account of latex-painted nekkid ladies and a video of the shoot.

I assume Disney and Playboy didn't collaborate to produce this TRON-inspired pictorial, but you never know. I wouldn't put it past that mouse to bed the bunny for the sake of cheap marketing. So, yeah, a TRON-inspired Playboy pictorial featuring Irina Voronina and Sasckya Porto. Who are Irina Voronina and Sasckya Porto? My guess are Russian chicks. There's one more shot and a video of the shoot posted after the jump, along with a link to Playboy's preview page where they try to rope you into joining the 'Cyber Club' with the promise of even more glowing boobies. Thanks but no thanks, Playboy, the GW no longer "cybers" anything. You know how many times I thought I was sexy-talkin' a woman's butt only to pan out and it be a fat man's armpit? Every single one. Now I'm into pits.

Hit the NSFW jump for a whole bunch of disappointment.


Playboy Preview Page (NSFW, der der)
playboy tron photo shoot released: geek fantasy fulfilled [technabob]
Tron - Playboy Style! [stumblingthroughwebs]

Thanks to Atticus, Russ, jeremy and Marshall, who're holding out for a Yogi Bear pictorial. Ya'll krinky!

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