Whatever You Do, Do NOT Add A Magic Hat: Jabba The Snowman

December 23, 2010


Based on everything else in the picture, I'm guessing this photo's about 40 years old. Except -- EXCEPT -- Star Wars wasn't even a sperm in George Lucas's ballsack back then. Also, that late-model Pontiac Grand Am. Great getaway car. No, no it's not. They are great for putting a body in the trunk and driving into the river though. *whistling* We should dye snowballs red and try to knock Jabba's head off with them. Ooooooor start pounding bourbon and eggnogs by the hearth until we pass out, sloop out of our chairs and catch fire. You know, Christmas tradition stuff.

Jabba the Snowman [geeksofdoom]

Thanks to Melissa, who's actually seen a snowman come alive and can attest it's not as pretty as the song would have you believe (he tried to eat a dog and then got hit by bus).

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