We're All Gonna Die!: Winter Solstice/Lunar Eclipse Coincide For 1st Time In 400 Years

December 20, 2010


The Mayans had it all wrong! The apocalypse doesn't start in 2012, it starts in the 12th month of 2010. START DRINKING HARD AND FAST FOLKS, THE WORLD ENDS TONIGHT!*

For the first time in nearly 400 years the lunar eclipse coincides with the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year. In addition, both sun and eclipsed moon will briefly be visible above the horizon - cloud cover permitting - in an unusual event called a selenehelion.

The alignment will cause the full moon to appear much dimmer than usual, but sunlight passing through the Earth's atmosphere will give the lunar surface a deep reddish hue at dawn.

Interesting. But what's even more interesting is that alien spacecraft to the left of the moon in the picture. Try explaining that one away, government! "Dust on the lens." OH F*** YOU!

*Please note: if the world doesn't blow up tonight I'll be editing this post tomorrow to reflect how I knew it wasn't going to and how I just wanted an excuse to drink in excess. Ha -- like I need an excuse!

Lunar eclipse and winter solstice to coincide for first time in 372 years [guardian]

Thanks to cocoa, who controls the sun, moon AND stars and once lined them all up to spell 'WIENERS'. I remember that!

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