TRON Light Cycle Replicas, Now With Video

December 1, 2010


Note: Video of the cycle's maiden voyages after the jump.

Remember the replica Light Cycles that Parker Brothers Choppers (not to be confused with the makers of Monopoly, Clue and Sorry!) were selling commissions for on eBay? Well the first couple have been made, and there's a video to prove it. Also, that aliens exist, BUT THE GOVERNMENT WON'T RELEASE THAT ONE.

The bike is supposed to be street legal, but it appears to have very little steering and it looks like it would lever over if you lean at all. The bike weighs 474 pounds and is a bit over 100 inches long and 23-inches wide. There are four of the ten bikes built left and they are going for $55,000 each now.

They do look impressive to say the least, although I was more than a little disappointed nobody took one full throttle. What is this, amateur hour? I'd have taken that puppy to light-speed(!!!!!!!!) AND THEN TURNED MY ROCKET PACK TO 11. Just sayin', they don't call me Evil Geeknievel for nothing! Actually, nobody calls me that. I did get called a wanker last night though, so there's that. Knock first -- you know the lock is broken!

Hit the jump for the video.

parker brothers choppers rides real tron light cycle [technabob]

Thanks to Jerry, who not only would have taken that thing to top-speed, he'd have jumped like eighty school-buses. Hardcore, HARDCORE! And to cameroni, who once set himself on fire and jumped through 20 hula-hoops. In a row. Without touching the sides. And to Matt, Watch-303 and rudy, who paid $5 to watch the show and all agree it was money well spent.

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