Tom Sawyer, Zombie Destroyer: Riverboat Designed To Survive Zombie Apocalypse

December 7, 2010


Note: This is too small to appreciate, and not even the whole graphic, click HERE to see the whole thing.

Want to survive the zombie apocalypse? Good luck -- I give you two days, tops. One if you can't remember the last time you exercised. And no, taking the stairs once last week because the elevator was broken doesn't count. Enter the SS Huckleberry, a floating safe-haven designed to travel the Mississippi River, safely out of reach from brain-hungry zombies (and winner of the 2010 Zombie Safe House Competition). Plus you can even power the boats with diesel fuel made from decomposing zombodies. Ooooooor use them for fishing bait. Just sayin', you ever caught bass with a piece of dangling flesh before? I haven't, but I did catch a leech with my wiener while swimming in a lake once, so pretty close!

Riverboat zombie survival compound [make]

Thanks to Mih0, who plans on surviving the zombie apocalypse by pretending to be one. I'm not gonna lie, that sounds terrifying.

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