Impressive 'Insert Coin' Stop Motion Video

December 13, 2010


You see each one of those little silver dots? They're all quarters. Like, at least thirty of them. I know, I could really use some for laundry too. Having to move my dirty-clothes pile outside because it started to stink so bad aside, this is an impressive video game themed stop motion video entitled 'Insert Coin'. It was appropriately made with coins instead of pepperonis, despite how much more delicious that would've been. The screencap I used doesn't really do the video justice though, so hit the jump and give it a watch. But not cuff links or a tie, those are two of the worst gifts you can give a guy besides a baby.

Hit the jump and try to guess how many hours went into making the video. I guess waaaaaay too many.


Thanks to Brian, who knew a kid in kindergarten that would always eat his milk money and then bury his turds in the sandbox. LOLWUT?!

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