Tis Never The Season: Church Band Plays Christmas Classics Entirely On iPads/iPhones

December 9, 2010


Somebody needs to tell that elf airplane glue glows under blacklight.

Seen here performing a medley of Christmas classics, the North Point Community Church iBand used nothing but borrowed iPads and iPhones to play what is sure to be remembered as a Santa-slaying setlist this year. The songs actually sound pretty good, but it's near impossible to get past the "band" members bobbing their heads and dancing around like they're doing something cool and not just fingering an iPad to make a bell ring. That said, church-band groupies: do they exist? Reaaally? *dusting off hymnal*

Hit the jump for 7:00 of "Carol of the Bells", "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" and "Feliz Navidad".

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree, With iPads [gizmodo]

Thanks to Mr. Sausage, who should really come with a warning he's not to be consumed raw. I feel like my insides are gonna explode.

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