Time Lapse Of Last Night's Lunar Eclipse

December 21, 2010


Seen here set ablaze after some space-camper failed to extinguish their lunar fire, the moon was in rare form last night during the eclipse. Sadly, despite the spectacular show the man in the moon did NOT score any dates, which explains why he was masturbating when I woke up this morning. YOU BETTER PUT THAT THING AWAY BEFORE THE SUN SEES!

Shooting from Gainesville, Florida, William Castleman created the above time-lapse video of last night's eclipse, condensing the lunar action from 1:10 AM EST to 5:03 AM EST into 2 minutes.

Wow, four hours of action packed into two minutes -- that's how I live my life. My sex life. Just kidding, that's 10-minutes of action packed into 30-seconds packed into a stuffed animal dinosaur. I'll give you a minute to cool off.

Hit the jump for the worthwhile video.

Vimeo Video
Time-Lapse Video of Last Night's Lunar Eclipse [geekosystem]

Thanks to Randy, who didn't get to see the eclipse because he's convinced sorcerers covered the sky with clouds to hide their evil deeds. *rolling eyes* Whatever you say, Randy.

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