This Is NOT The DROID You Were Calling For: Phone Explodes In Use, Head-Trauma Ensues

December 3, 2010


WARNING: Picture after the jump is graphic on account of one of the bloodiest ears I've ever seen. "Eh, I've seen bloodier." Good for you.

A Texas man was unseriously injured after his Motorola Droid exploded in his ear after ending a call. TOLD YA'LL YOU CAN'T TRUST THOSE THINGS.

Aron Embry was at Ray Elementary in Cedar Hill at the time of the incident. The man said he had just finished a call when he said he heard a loud "pop."

He then felt something trickling down his face; it was blood.

His ear then began to bleed profusely, and he was immediately taken to the emergency room at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas. He received four stitches, but said there was no hearing loss.

The glass on the face of the Motorola Droid smartphone apparently shattered. He said he had just purchased it just two days ago.

The phone still appears to be functioning, and its battery was intact.

Droids, yo, they want you dead. And you know what other kind of cell phone does too you? All of them. Ear cancer -- you just wait.

Hit the jump for a picture of what Edward Cullen dreams about at night, as well as a local news report about the incident.


Texas man injured when Droid screen explodes [khou]

Thanks to Zombiepartz and Tigerh8r, who both had Apple phones explode on them with much different results. Applesauce, APPLESAUCE!!

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