The Periodic Table Printed On A Human Hair

December 22, 2010


Well at least they're claiming it's a human hair, but it looks more like cat fur if you ask me. Just kidding, totally a pube.

Created by the nerds -- excuse me, experts -- at the University of Nottingham's Nanotechnology and Nanoscience Centre, the hair was etched using focused ion beams. How tiny is it? So tiny that it could be copied onto a post-it note well over a million times with room to spare.

Don't get me wrong, that's impressive and all, but who needs the periodic table printed on their hair? I mean fingernail sure, that's just being practical.

Hit the jump for some nutty batshit-crazy professor getting all exited about the periodic pube because they made it for his birthday.

Watch the world's smallest periodic table being etched onto a human hair! [io9]
The world's smallest periodic table has been etched onto a human hair [dvice]

Thanks to dustdevil, who once had the periodic table tattooed on the inside of his eyelids to cheat in chemistry class. How'd that work out for you? Third time taking 10th grade, huh? Shocking.

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