The Other Sparkly Meat: Fake 'Unicorn Meat' Product Gets Flagged By German Customs

December 2, 2010


Remember ThinkGeek's fake 'Canned Unicorn Meat' April Fools' product? Well it turns out they made it into a real product (that consists of a dismembered stuffed-animal unicorn in a can), and German customs isn't too thrilled people are trying to import it. Per an email received by ThinkGeek:


I just learned that it is not very helpful to describe the "canned unicorn meat" as "canned unicorn meat" on the invoice when trying to import this.

Customs get really irritated as it's supposedly food and meat of a "rare" animal. For the sake of keeping things smooth please label it as "canned unicorn (plush toy)" or something less conspicuous.

My delicous unicorn is stuck in customs for almost a week now.

Best regards,


If it's not wurst, we don't want it in the country! German sausages aside, who would want to eat a unicorn anyways? Torture them and use their tears in potions, sure, but actually eating them? That's barbaric. ($2K to the first person to saw off one's corn, I'm trying to make a love sex potion).

ThinkGeek Product Site
ThinkGeek's "Canned Unicorn Meat" Gag Gift Delayed at German Border as Rare Meat [geekosystem]

Thanks to J.D. and Ulri, who both tried griffin burgers but complained they were too gamey for their tastes. Two words: phoenix hot-wings. They'll blow through their a-holes like fireballs.

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