The Minecraft USS Enterprise Takes Shape

December 23, 2010


Remember the guy that was building a full-scale USS Enterprise in Minecraft? Well he's made a lot of progress, and this is the video tour to prove it. Unfortunately, Captain Toomuchfreetime DECIDED TO SET THE VIDEO TO MILEY CYRUS'S 'PARTY IN THE USA' AND TRAIN'S 'HEY, SOUL SISTER", officially making him the virginest virgin to ever exist and sending me into an inconsolable fit of rage. Did you hear that? It was the entire crew of the Enterprise setting their phasers from 'STUN' to 'TORTURE AND KILL SLOWLY'. On the count of three!

UPDATE: Apparently not the same guy as ship as before. Different, smaller ship. God I'm so embarrassed.

Hit the jump for a 7:00 tour (mute volume).


Thanks to Tom, who was going to make a full-scale Death Star but chose life instead.

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