The Legend Of Zelda's Link To The Past Entire Overworld Recreated In Minecraft

December 28, 2010


Gamer Roman DeNu went and spent 109 hours creating the overworld from Link to the Past (the Zelda game for Super Nintendo) in Minecraft. I, for one, applaud his efforts (but won't hesitate to make fun of him behind his back).

This is an excellent example of what folks with too much free time and a deep love of classics Nintendo gaming can accomplish in Minecraft. Roman spent 108 hours and 59 minutes (he counted!) building this 512 by 512 by 104 block masterpiece, and he has plans to continue the project with a complete reproduction of the Dark World and all of the buildings, caves, and dungeons from the game.

Awesome! So when it's completed we'll have a much crappier and less functional version of the original game to play! Talk about time well spe-- wait a minute.

Hit the jump for a video tour of the happiest place on earth (Hyrule, yo!).

The Legend Of Minecraft: A Link To The Past

Thanks to Ford, who was going to start building Azeroth inside Minecraft before realizing life is way cooler.

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