THE FUTURE IS NOW: iPhone App Provides Instant Video Translations Of Foreign Signs

December 17, 2010


Word Lens is a $5 iPhone app that provides a streaming translation of whatever you're pointing your phone at (i.e. road signs, menus, etc). It's pretty much the technology of the future because, let's not kid ourselves, no child born after 2000 will bother learning any language but text-talk. Isn't that right you little dipshits?!

At the moment, the app only translates words from Spanish to English and vice-versa. Imagine how language barriers will crumble when we get Chinese, French and German to English.

There's a video demo of the technology after the jump that looks pretty amazing provided it's real and not all smoke and mirrors. And speaking of smoke and mirrors -- meth and coke, amirite?! No, I'm not -- drugs are bad. Except alcohol, which shouldn't even be considered a drug as much as it should be added to the bottom of the food pyramid. *ahem* FDA. YOU APPROVED BONER PILLS!

Hit the jump for a 1:00 demo.

Word Lens on iTunes
Never look like a puzzled tourist again with this translation app [dvice]

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