The Ciiiiiiiiircle Miracle Of Life: MRI Of A Birth

December 7, 2010


My God -- that kid can probably see through walls.

So apparently a British team of scientists and health-care professionals has successfully documented a live birth with MRI technology through the use of a new "open" style machine, which allowed a rare glimpse into just WTF is going on when a woman is pushing a human fleshball out of her vagina (no need for romance here, folks -- this is science).

The team built a special "open MRI" scanner, a new type of machine whose open structure had the necessary space for the mother to give birth.

The new machine will enable the researchers to study in greater detail how the baby moves through the mother's pelvis and down the birth canal - issues that have long been studied and debated. The hospital's Institute for Radiology and Obstetrics Clinic will work closely together on the project.

Among other benefits, it should help researchers to understand why about 15 percent of pregnant women need a Caesarian section because the baby does not progress properly into the birth canal.

Interesting. I always thought babies just cartwheeled their slimy little asses out of vaginas, but apparently that's not the case. Or is it? No, I'm honestly asking. "Here GW, just watch this educational video." Oh -- oh God. What. the. fuuuuuuu *thud*

MRI scans live birth [thelocal]

Thanks to RenegadeChemist and Gutteral Retch, who, based on the eyes, both agree the woman was probably knocked up from one of those aliens from Mars Attacks!

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