Ten Years Later: The World In 2000 Vs 2010

December 30, 2010


Note: Don't start the New Year with mandatory LASIK, click HERE to see the full-size graph.

Remember 2000? I don't. I'm pretty sure I spent all of 1999 drinking in an underground bunker waiting for Y2K to wipe out the civilized world, upon which I would rise from my subterranean safehouse and begin my rule as World Emperor. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! That shit went sour real quick. Aaaaaaand I've spent the last 10 years drinking and lamenting yet another life failure. "YOU'RE A LOSER, GW!" Believe me, I know. This is a graph depicting some of the changes in the world in the past 10 years. In case you hate graphs, I'll summarize it for you: we're screwed. Like, royally. If this were a picture it would be a king getting bent over his throne by a jester wearing a party hat and a pair of those '2010' novelty glasses. ZOMG -- not with his own scepter!

2000 Vs. 2010: How the world has changed [io9]

Thanks to Casey, who has really high hopes for 2011. Daaaaw, look at you with your little unjaded view of the future. You must still be young.

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