Tap Dispenses Beer From The Bottom Up

December 27, 2010


Yes, yes I 100% am gonna put my mouth on that.

The BottomsUP(!!!!!!!!!11) beer tap is basically a rip off of THIS soda machine. Except instead of dispensing diabetes juice, it dispenses golden happiness. Haha, no not urine you freakazoid.

The idea of pouring beer from the bottom of a glass isn't exactly new, but BottomsUP Beer says that their tap is the world's fastest beer dispensing system (9x as fast as traditional beer taps).

Granted you could argue ALL beer taps fill glasses from the bottom up, which is true, except in space. And that's just because there aren't any kegs in space because NASA has a thing against actually performing worthwhile experiments. For instance: is it true you wouldn't need anybody to hold your legs up to do a keg-stand? No lie, I'm getting pretty tired of having to tape the tap to my face and flip my legs against a wall just to party alone. Also, if you drink beer in space while sitting upright will you never get full since the beer floats in your stomach? Or -- OR -- will it float straight up to your brain and make you even drunker? STOP HIDING THE TRUTH!

Hit the jump for a short video of the magical machine in action.

This Machine Fills Up Beer from the Bottom of the Glass [gizmodo]

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