Suck It, Clowns!: 19 Girls Pack In 1 Smart Car

December 15, 2010


[Avoid writing '19 girls, 1 car' joke here]

19 Pakistani girls stuffed themselves into a Smart Car over the weekend with all the doors and windows closed for ten seconds ("NOBODY FART!") to beat a group of Australians' previous record of 18 girls. Honestly, I think you could've stuffed at least a couple more there by the windshield.

There's a news report that includes footage of the feat (and feet!) after the jump, which looks exactly like what you'd expect it to. I just called forty jockeys so my team could take the record, but apparently all participants have to be at least five-feet tall to count. Which, yes, is 100% height-ist. And so are the majority of amusement park rides. Plus I heard Disney hates gingers. Hey -- I don't make it up, I just report it!

Hit the jump for a short news report of how to Pakistani-pack an automobile.

New world record: 19 Pakistani girls in a smart car at a time [allvoices]

Thanks to The_Don, who's not impressed because he once saw 25 people stuffed in a Smart Car while driving. And -- AND -- delivering newspapers. Now that's a record!

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