Stop-Motion Mondays!: LEGO Black Ops

December 13, 2010


Just kidding, I'm not actually gonna make stop-motion videos a regular Monday feature, I just like the way Motion and Monday sound next to each other. Almost as smooth as you and I singing 'What a Wonderful World' together provided you don't actually sing and just mouth the words. I'm serious, you sound like a banshee. This is a LEGO stop-motion video in the style of Call of Duty: Black Ops. Which, while graphic, is nowhere near as traumatizing as Lifetime's original series, Call of Duty: Sex Ops. I actually saw a penis getting sewn on over a lady's hoo-ha after it had fallen on the floor. You know what the doctor said? Five-second rule. That's not just for Pringles?!

Hit the jump for a minute and a half of plastic headshooting action.


Thanks to Brian, who, for two tips in one day, wins a prize. Somebody get him something nice.

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