Stocking Stuffers!: 4 Designs From Tokyoflash

December 1, 2010


Tokyoflash just released four new designs in time for the holidays and they are, clockwise(!!!!!111) from top left: the Transit, Joypad, Lightspeed and RPM. The first three designs are available in both black and white (but NOT red all over. If yours is red all over you're probably bleeding from the elbow) and cost $80-$95. The round RPM is only available in black and will set you back around $200. So yeah, if you've ever considered owning a Tokyoflash design now might be the time(!!!!!!!11111). I'm particularly fond of the Joypad myself. And no, I didn't get paid to say that. Or any free watches. But I will look into a possible giveaway if you want me to. And not just because I'm trying to move up to Santa's "nice" list from the "naughty" one, but I did run over a bum this weekend so I probably have some ground to make up.

Tokyoflash Product Site (click to see them all, learn how to read them, etc., etc.)

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