Smart: Hanging Christmas Tree Mobiles

December 22, 2010


These are Christmas trees made entirely from hanging ornaments in the style of a mobile home. Except they're not actually trees, just the shapes of trees. Provided trees are fairly uniform cones. And speaking of cones: ice cream -- I could really go for some right now. Maybe a little whipped cream and Magic Shell on top -- mmmmmm. I really like these trees. Wanna know why? They're earth friendly There's no tree trunk. And if there's no trunk there's more room for presents underneath. Sure the poor bastard in the picture only got four, but I also heard he cut a woman with child off to get on an elevator first. What are those people calls? Right -- assholes. I hope the big box is an explosion.

Christmas Tree Mobile Made Using Suspended Bulb Ornaments [laughingsquid]

Thanks to Jeanie, who's in a bottle, gotta rub her the right way. (See what I did there? I'm really ashamed about it).

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