Shameless: George Lucas Buying Rights To Dead Actors To CG Them Back To Life?

December 6, 2010


Can you tell which one isn't a zombie? Trick question -- they're all dead to me.

Because George Lucas holds nothing sacred but his bottom line (and coif), he's allegedly been buying up the rights to use the likenesses of deceased actors to bring them back to the silver screen via CG. Listen George -- I don't know what the hell kind of sorcery you used to work with, but the magic's long gone, bro. It's time to put that broken lil' wand of yours away and call it quits.

According to Mel Smith--friend of George Lucas and director of Radioland Murders--the creator of Star Wars is "buying up the film rights to dead actors." He says that Lucas plans to resurrect them in future movies using 3D technology:

George has been buying up the film rights to dead actors in the hope of using computer trickery to put them all together, so you'd have Orson Welles and Barbara Stanwyck alongside today's stars.

Of course he has been. But you know what else I heard he's been doing? Your mom. (I topped off your gas and put a bat in the trunk -- you know what to do)

George Lucas Plans to Resurrect Dead Movie Stars [gizmodo]
George Lucas wants to resuscitate dead actors using computers [dvice]

Thanks to Christian, who calls George Lucas, "George Dufus". I'm not gonna lie, Christian, that's not even first-degree in the burn department.

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