SEGA's Urine-Controlled Video Games

December 15, 2010


When it comes to restrooms, there's really only one game I like to play: pee on the floor for as long as possible before somebody else comes in. I used to play pecker peeker too but I got punched in the eye recently (dude didn't even wash his hand first!) so I'm laying low on that one for a bit. It's always the small ones that get angry aside, SEGA's rolling out a line of urine stream-controlled video games (which aren't a new concept) to encourage men to aim for the urinal and not the fly on the wall. BUT HE'S TAUNTING MEEEEEEEE!

Dubbed "Toirettsu" (トイレッツ), the game's title is a word play on "toy", "let's" and "toilets". As the Sega Toys website points out, "You're able to game with pee!"

The contraption is outfitted with mini-games, and there is a sensor that can apparently measure the speed of one's urine stream. Some of the mini-games include erasing graffiti with a hose...causing wind to blow under a women's skirt...and...shoot milk from their nose

I'm not gonna lie, that might keep me from peeing on the ground ONE TIME. After that, it's back to playing 'CAUTION: WET FLOORS'. One time I actually played such perfect game urine actually started leaking out from under the door and into the hallway. BONUS LEVEL!

Hit the jump for a short demo of the system in action.

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Thanks to Mih0 and PK, who would rather pee their pants. Okay now that's just a little extreme.

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