Save Me, SAAAAAAVE ME!: Superhero Dinos

December 13, 2010


Mmmmm, love a dino in tights.

Dinosaurs make great superheroes. Also, lovas. Except for the ones that try to impale you with their horns during courtship. That's a little rough for me. On the sandpaper scale that's like a 40 grit and I'm more of a 200 kind of guy. If I'm really feelin' krinky I might dip down to an 80 or 120 but I'm not gonna respect myself in the morning. I am gonna sit and cry in the shower until I'm pruny though. These are Marvel Dinosaurs designed by Flickr user d.r3sto (David Resto). They are:

Iron Brontosaurus

Captain Ameritops
Hulkasaurus Rex

Okay so here's my plan: I'm gonna fake-rob a bank, and wait to see which one's the first to come try and stop me. Then, seduce him. Can't miss me, I'll be the one in the vault with no pants on. I'm gonna be all, "Hey mister, I've been bad -- wanna put somethin' in my safe-deposit box?" Then, oh boy -- happy-fun time.

Hit the jump for a full-size shot of each, including bonus Wolveraptor and PteranoSTORM.








David's Flickr
Marvel Dinosaurs [herochan]

Thanks to Emma, JBantha, Christopher and Dj Azer, who know I'm gonna be pissed if that weirdo Captain Planet ends up coming instead.

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