Sadness: The United States Of Autocomplete

December 6, 2010


Note: Full-res version HERE.

This is a map of the United States showing the result of typing the name of each state in Google and displaying the first "autocomplete" option. Which, surprise!: are almost all college/sports related, the most notable exceptions being California Prop 19, Montana Fishburne, Illinois Lottery and Kentucky Fried Chicken. My alma mater Virginia Tech made the list though, so I'm not complaining. What I am doing is thinking about weed, pr0n, money and chicken. God, I just wanna put 'em all in a bag, shake it up real good and dump it all over myself. It's rainin' happiness!

The United States of Autocomplete [verysmallarray]
The United States of America According to Google Autocomplete [mashable]

Thanks to comfort eagle and Lucy, who both autocompleted high school with straight A's. Autocompleted, or cheated your way through? DUM DUM DUM!

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