Sadness: Korean Fake Girlfriend Smartphone App Supposed To Help Fight Loneliness

December 14, 2010


'Honey It's Me' is a $2 smartphone app created by developer Nabix to help combat loneliness in single South Korean men by providing them with a virtual girlfriend that calls and leaves rambling video messages. I SAID STOP CALLING -- YOU'RE WASTING MY MINUTES! Also, make sure to delete the app before getting a real girlfriend because she'll either 1. look at you like you're a big ball of sadness or 2. stab you for cheating. I'm not sure which is worse.

"Honey it's me!" is warming lonely hearts with the voice of "Mina," a 20-something virtual woman.

For $1.99, Mina will make video-calls four times a day, showering subscribers with a message of bliss from 100 available. With recorded messages such as "good night, sweet dreams," Nabix said it would help subscribers feel someone cares for them and is consistently thinking of them.

Hey, I'm all for fighting loneliness and depression, I just question virtual girlfriends being a viable answer. Because what happens when you wake up one day and realize your girlfriend for the last four years has been an iPhone app? Or, even worse, World of Warcraft. Shave that crusty Mountain Dew mustache and go meet some ladies! Huh? Fine, FINE -- after this raid.

Hit the jump for an example message and a longer video describing the app (sans English).

New smartphone app pretends to be your girlfriend [canada]

Thanks to Jonathan, who sends emails to himself from another address pretending to be a pretty lady. Me too, Jonathan, me too.

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