Real Life Magic!: Make Your Own Rorschach Mask With Actually Morphing Designs

December 29, 2010


I know what you're thinking, but no, that's not a Juggalo. It's a homemade Rorschach mask that actually changes designs when worn. How does it work? Thermochromic paint. I don't even know what that is but now I want my whole bedroom painted with it!

Using Thermochromic paint pigment and clear screen printing base, you can now make an ink blot mask that changes like the character Rorschach from the movie the watchmen. As you breath in and out, the color of the mask changes from black to white wherever the wearer's breath hits it and warms it to a point above 86 degrees F.

The video tutorial is after the jump, along with a couple other videos I found on Youtube of people who've made similar masks. Admittedly, they're pretty awesome. I'm probably gonna make one and use it to rob a bank. "I dunno, it was a guy with a sock over his head -- looked like there might have been a winged devil painted on it. Which -- does that mean I have daddy issues?"

Hit the jump for the videos.

Make Your Own Rorschach Mask!
How to Make a Real-Life Rorschach Mask [geekosystem]

Thanks to Harry, who made a functional Doctor Manhattan suit but is embarrassed to wear it because his wiener shows. ADD A BANANA HAMMOCK, FOOL!

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